Sunday at the Memories on LifeShare!

Ray Durkee and Sunday at the Memories for Retirement Communities launches on the

LifeShare Technologies Network in March, 2017!

LifeShare Technologies was created to help senior care providers facilitate improved connections between residents, staff and families using existing technology like TVs. From that initial vision, a tech ecosystem emerged, serving residents, families, and senior living staffs with simple tech solutions for real challenges.

LifeShare’s tech ecosystem includes a personal solution that features a set top box and universal remote control that works with any TV. Users can receive and send email and text messages to loved ones. They can get pictures and videos and respond easily. They can enjoy games, news, therapeutic music, and even faith programming for much less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Beginning in March, 2017 Ray Durkee and Sunday at the Memories will be featured audio content across the LifeShare network in the CommunityShare service, reaching 12,000+ residents in approximately 250 retirement communities.

You can learn more about LifeShare Technologies at

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