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Memories of SATM on KHOW...

Hello. My mom is a huge fan of SATM. She plans her Sunday evening around the show. She is blind and older, so that music means the world to her. She remembers calling into your dad's show and he always was so nice and answered her never ending questions. So she was hoping you could answer 2 more questions. What is the name of the outro song of SATM and who is Johnny? Your dad made reference to go get them? Thanks in advance. Best to you.

Our response: The song is John Keating Orchestra "Listen" from the album "The Keating Sound." Johnny is the same guy. "Drive it home Johnny" just means continue on with your song and close out the show... Pretty simple... I'm so glad your mother is enjoying the encore broadcasts in Denver is your mother a life long Denver resident?

Yes. She has always lived in Colorado. Born and raised here. Grew up at the Colorado school for deaf and blind in Co. Springs. I had lunch with her today and was so excited to hear tomorrow's show. Last week was the A songs and tomorrow he starts with the Bs. She even wrote down his A list and read it to me. Thanks so much for your work and answers.

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