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SATM on It's Never 2 Late!

Timing was perfect - as this week is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. Today I received a signed contract to license the Sunday at the Memories archives on a network platform that is designed for the retirement community industry.

"It's Never 2 Late" is a Colorado company based in Centennial, Colorado. They started in 1999 and are in over 2,000 retirement communities across America. They install adaptive touch screen computer technology with content and services designed for retirement communities, assisted living communities, memory care centers, senior day centers, etc.

Ray Durkee's Sunday at the Memories will be featured audio content on the platform and accessible across the entire footprint with a reach of approximately 200,000 people. This all came from a little clue my father left in the Sunday at the Memories archives and an idea he was working on before he retired.

You can learn more about "It's Never 2 Late" on their web site:

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